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Oct 4, 2012 7:00pm PDT
they can inspire our students. let's solve this. >>> jim leher has suffered a lot of criticism for the way he moderated the debate. i prefer when moderators get out of the way and don't liter the debates. be careful what you wish for when you wish for assertive, clever presidential debate moderators. >> the first question goes to governor dukakis you have two minute to respond. governor, if kitty dukakis were raped and murdered would you favor the death penalty for the killer. >> no, i don't bernard and i think you know i owe possess the death penalty in my life. and i think there are better and more effective ways to deal with violent crime. and we have done so in my state. >> and who was the last first lady who was raped and murdered? when did that become something presidents have to become prepared to deal with. give me jim leher over that nonsense any day. coming up. if you were one of the people who declared a winner after watching last night's debate i'm going to ask you to reconsider after tonight's rewrite. and paul ryan will have the time he needs to explain his medicine careplan.
Oct 4, 2012 4:30am EDT
state. with an estimated 60 million americans watching on tv, cable and the web, moderator jim leherer asked can you put more people to work? >> the answer is, yes, we can help. >> reporter: romney would cut taxes and regulations on small business. >> my priority is jobs, and so what i do is i bring down the tax rates. >> governor romney's proposal that he's been promoting for 18 months calls for a $5 trillion tax cut. >> reporter: which the president claimed would help the rich at others' expense. >> the average middle class family with young children would pay $2,000 more. >> everything he said about my tax plan is not accurate. >> it is not possible to come up with enough tax cuts to avoid either raising the deficit or burdening the middle class. it's math. it's arithmetic. >> reporter: on medicare and social security one agreement. >> neither the president nor i are proposing any changes for any current retirees or near retirees. >> reporter: in ten years romney wants a private medicare option. >> aarp has said that your plan would weaken medicare substantially. >> reporter: romney
Oct 3, 2012 7:00am EDT
's where president obama and mitt romney will face off on stage. one moderator, jim leher the moderator. >>> also, in this half hour, in this first half, a new showdown is heating up. a tree that almost killed, well, mcsteamy as you know him from "grey's anatomy." a tree fell on her from the next door neighbor's yard. a big legal battle brewing. >>> first, we're going to get to the latest trouble for american airlines. a story we first brought you on "good morning america." another flight was forced to make an emergency landing last night. and abc's jim avila has been tracking all of the developments. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. american pilots could be at the bargaining table as early as today. bringing to an end, the problems for the airline. this morning, the embattled american airlines under the microscope again. >> i have a gear unsafe flight. >> reporter: another american flight forced to make an emergency landing after an apparent mid-flight maintenance issue. flight 1862, travelling from dallas to st. louis tuesday, turned around after the landing ge
Oct 2, 2012 10:00pm PDT
wing", which was the longest in history, i consulted with jim lehere who was then and now our most experienced presidential moderator. he was an invaluable resource, but i was sure i was going to lose his support when i told him my idea for dropping the rules of the debate. the republican will propose dropping the rules of the debate because he believes the democrat is a weaker debatetor and needs to hide behind the rules. the democrat will have an awful choice refuse to drop the rules and look like he is obviously hiding behind the rules for the rest of the debate or be forced to agree to drop the rules and take his chances against the more experienced debate or. it was a no lose proposition for the republican. the republican looked supremely confident, while the democrat is forced to cling to the rules or the democrat agrees to dropping the rules which makes the republican look like he's in complete control of the debate. there was a long silence at the end of the phone when i presented this idea to jim lehrer. i was sure he was searching for a polite way of saying that is absolu
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
maggens arena, moderated by jim leher. after mitt romney is trailing in the polls, many expect him to come out swinging. >> i think he needs to fight a little bit. obviously, he's not the kind who will play dirty, but i think step it up a little. >> i think you're going to see both sides with as much fire as they possibly have, you know. you're going to see both sides come in with their a game. >> reporter: some debates have more impact than others, but with the polls at close, much may be at stake tonight. >> depending on how each side performs, i think you could see a sway in one direction or the other. >> that was ken pritchard reporting from denver. plenty of debate parties are going on around the bay area and coming up at 5:30, we will go live to both a democrat and a republican watch party. we'll also find out what voters both want and need to hear from their candidate. >>> a federal judge declared a mistrial in the case of a former crime lab technician. deborah madden was charged with obtaining cocaine by fraud, deception. but the jury was able to reach a unanimous verdict. they agr
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Oct 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
in the arena. a 90-minute debate, jim leher moderating in the arena north of a thousand guests of the campaigns as well as students here at the university of denver. they have been instructed no noise, no applause, no cheers, good luck with that. the format is three segments of 15 minutes each on the economy, one segment on health care, one on the role of government, and finally, one on governing itself. the candidates get two minutes each to answer the questions, and leher can follow-up between the candidates. that will get interesting. the president won the coin toss today to get to give the first answer to the first question. there's lots of coin tosses at these debates. another coin toss was over who would get to make the last closing statement. mitt winning that coin toss. neil? neil: all right, thank you very much, peter. as you said, i think they did show -- i did see ann romney and the romney family, and i had seen michelle obama and some key cabinet members in the audience. joining me right now is scott tifton, the republican congressman from colorado, and we chatted before coming up h
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Oct 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. tonight's moderator is jim leher, he will be running the show for the 12th time. what's it like trying to keep presidents and candidates in line. we'll hear from somebody who has done the job as we countdown to the first presidential tee bait of 2012 on this special edition of "the fox report" live tonight from denver. issan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and best in class 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. ♪ introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima. it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ has become boring and tasteless... only one man can save the day. ♪ ♪ he's nutty! ♪ he's crunchy! [ male announcer ] it's crunchy nut! honey sweet flakes with nuts in every bite! ♪ he saves the day! ♪ in his tasty way! ♪ ♪ he is the crunchy nut! [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nu it's super delicious! >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. live tonight from denver
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
at the beginning of the subjects that jim leherer will introduce. and discussing not policing 30-second rebuttals and 60-second statements. none of that red light stuff with the clocks and all of that stuff. and when you're in mitt romney's position, where he's actually trying to hide some things, trying to hide the details of the deduction side of his tax plan, he's still hiding his tax returns. when you're that candidate who has things that you don't want to talk about, those very narrow rules are your friend. the red light is your friend. the very limited 30-second response, 60-second response works well for candidate who trying to dodge and trying to get away from things. president obama, i think is going to have an advantage in the way the non-rules are in this debate tonight. and i also think that mitt romney has come off a series of really easy debates. we have to remember, mitt romney triumphed in a republican presidential field that was the worst republican presidential field in the history of the republican party. those are the debates he won. he was the one on the stage who did not loo
Oct 15, 2012 7:00am PDT
to be asked. >> one thing we will say about martha raddatz, it certainly was not jim leher style. she got right in there. for people who didn't see it or don't remember it. let me play a couple of quick clips. >> do you have the specifics? do you have the -- do you know exactly what you're doing? >> look at what mitt romney -- look at what ronald regan and what tip o'neal did. we want to work with the congressmen how best to achieve this. >> no specifics. >> no specifics. no specifics. no specifics. is there a broader message we're getting here, leslie, about women in the workplace? >> well, in general, we want women to be present everywhere. it took those girls, they had to get 100,000 signatures just to get a woman even on the agenda for these debates. i think in general if women are not part of the discussion, that is terrible for all of us because we do have slightly different points of view. and i'm hoping that candy's going to go out there and slug a few for the women and do what tom brokaw did. he caught a lot of, you know, debates for the way he steered questions in a town hall fo
Oct 3, 2012 7:30pm PDT
or to ask questions jim leher was practically useless. mr. romney, specifically, what tax loopholes or deductions do you want to get rid of. he didn't ask it. the president should have asked it. that's only one example of many and it was clear to everybody in the room tonight what happened in the debate. >> we just heard from david pluff and ed asked him pointedly, how come the 47% remarks didn't come up? how come president obama didn't go after that and his response was that, oh, everybody knows about that. 100% of the country knows about that. >> well, i don't think that's right when you're dealing with an audience of 60 million people or so. in a debate. that was, presumably, include a lot of the undecided voters. and the president needed to speak directly to the audience which he didn't do enough of either, tonight. directly to the camera and say, look, we need to hear specifics from this guy. we haven't heard them. the president, it's a classic case of a president kind of showing up and figuring that because he's president, he gets extra points. it didn't work that way tonight
Oct 2, 2012 9:00am EDT
presidential debate. the newshour jim leher moderates. live with our live preview at 7 p.m. eastern. on c-span, both candidates on screen, the entire debate. on c-span2, the multicamera version of the debate and dpolling, your reactions, calls, e-mailing and tweets. follow our coverage on c-span, c-span radio, and online at c-span doirgs. >> i have all the channels, house, senate, plus author, book review, speeches, those kinds of things. if i know a bill's coming up on the floor in the house, i watch, you know, which channel i want to see because i have them all. if there's either a speech i know that you've covered or a book review or so on, i'm going to watch that. when i want to find out something that has some value
Oct 5, 2012 1:00am EDT
things like, let's make up a number. that is not confidence- inspiring. i felt terrible for jim leher er who was not in control. >> i feel both of the candidates -- did not talk about immigration. they did touch on the jobs going overseas. i fear that is the main key right there -- americans are not making money. >> body language of the candidates was -- romney won that. hefar as romney's ideas, said a lot of stuff about the changes he made to this day. but the entire national stage will be a different idea. and something that is so little far-fetched right now. >> i think it is a draw. they both had their composure. they both made their points. mr. romney did look a little frustrated a few times. i likened him to a pit bull on a leash. i agree with him on the values, whereas the democratic party i do not agree with their bodies system at all. >> of the body language on these guys. it looks like there were full of crap. and they're just, they keep avoiding the real issues. >> i'd just ahead of this reaction tonight. the entire time romney would be talking, i would say how, how, how? he w
Oct 21, 2012 10:30am EDT
in denver. jim leher the moderator. >> good evening from the magness arena. i welcome you to the first presidential debate between president barack obama and the republican nominee mitt romney. this debate and the next three are sponsored by the commission on presidential debates. tonight's 90 minutes will be about domestic issues and will follow a format designed by the commission. there will be six 15-minute segments with two-minute answers for the first question then open discussion for the remainder of the segment. thousands of people offered suggestions on questions via the internet and other means. i made the final selections. they were not submitted for approval to the commission or the candidates. the segments will be three on the economy -- one each on health care, the role of goverment, and governing. there will be an emphasis throughout on differences, specifics, and choices. both will have two-minute closing statements. the audience has promised to remain silent. no cheers, applause, or other noisy, distracting things so we may concentrate on what the candidates have to say
Oct 2, 2012 12:00pm EDT
presidential debate tomorrow at the university of denver. the live debate gets underway at 7 eastern, and jim leher moderates, and after the debate, your reactions and comments taking your calls, e-mails and tweets on c-span, c-span radio, and online at >> i have all the channels, house, senate, plus author and book review, speeches, those kinds of if i know a bill's coming up on the floor in the house, i watch, you know, which channel want to see because i have them all. if there is either a speech i know that you've covered or a book review or so on, i'm going to watch that. when i want to find out something that has some value to it, that's going to be one of the first places i look. i mean, i'm obviously a public broadcasting fan. i watch those channels. out of a couple hundred channels, i probably have five to ten at the most i go to. it's going to include all the c-span channels. >>> david brugger watches c-span on direct tv. c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979 brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> agenting faa administ
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Oct 27, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. yes, he tends to be liberal. i thought he was the fairest and most balanced and most effective. >> jim lehrer came off as liberal? >> jim lehrer the moderator got clobbered by the mainstream media for being too easy. it became obvious that leher had left the left down by not jumping in like crowley and raddatz. but dylan quoted brent buzzel who feichbdz fault with the media, i can't find any way schieffer handled the debate. >> i think we agree on schieffer. i still like the potted plant approach to moderate. let the two candidates at it. >> every debate had a different set of guidelines. >> that is a good point. >> and all this vehicles, again and again, on one side. you have to wonder after a while whether or not she is being fair and balanced. >> some people see things on one side. >> the left never does that, no? i would much rather see a panel with a diversity of ideology. why can't we have rush limbaugh and sean hannity or alan colmes interrogating one on the right. >> jon: make it blatant right up in front. >> i think it's good, this is what journalists used to do. they would as
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)